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Stages of Our Work

Focused Leadership Solutions will lead your school or district through the following steps of systemic improvement:

Determining the Current Reality

· Identifying current results
· Hypothesizing reasons for these results
· Analyzing current professional practices
· Asking if we are getting the best results possible

Determining the Preferred Future

· Designing a future through redefining purpose
· Defining success
· Setting goals
· Determining how to get the desired results
· Creating ownership in the process

Charting the Course

· Providing a review and an understanding of what works
· Developing an intentional learning community
· Building internal leadership capacity to build the road map to improved results
· Re-culturing schools to promote student learning
· Tapping into the collective wisdom of the organization
· Implementing high leverage strategies
· Establishing a road map

Implementing, Monitoring, and Measuring Change

· Identifying implementation challenges and barriers
· Providing coaching and on-site feedback
· Assisting with the collection, analysis and use of data for improved results
· Providing ongoing support

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