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Our Work

To go fast, go alone.
To go far, go together.

This African proverb serves as a powerful metaphor for the work of Focused Leadership Solutions. Schools are under pressure to go fast, to achieve quick results. Working alonedescribes the traditional school culture. But does that take us far, where we need to go?

FLS consultants know that the farther journey is simple in concept, yet difficult to achieve. Schools and districts are working hard, but often not seeing the results their work deserves.

Schools often know what they must do to improve—but the tough part is the how. If you choose to embark on the farther journey, your team will learn to travel together, because only by learning to collaborate can you overcome the significant organizational barriers that block the success of many organizations. 

Our consultants have led their own schools and districts to success. We’ve replicated that success in other districts that have asked for our assistance and look forward to helping you chart the course for your own farther journey.

Some FLS Projects

  • Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy, New Jersey
  • Montrose School District, Colorado
  • Central Montana Leadership Consortium, School Administrators of Montana Great Falls, Butte, and Helena
  • Community Preparatory School, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Sand Creek Innovation Zone; Falcon Public Schools, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Flathead Valley Leadership Consortium, Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative, Kalispell and surrounding school districts
  • Roanoke Rapids Graded School District, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
  • Rockingham County Schools, Eden, North Carolina
  • Salem Schools, Winston Salem, North Carolina


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