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Our Services

Focused Leadership Solutions serves as your partner in leadership, organization design, and system effectiveness. We do this by working side by side with you to develop change and improvement strategies that are customized for your district. No two districts ever receive the same services from FLS.

Most often, we enter into long-term partnerships with our clients that include both on-site and on-line support and assistance. The heart of the work often includes a series of sessions, over time, with school and district leadership teams, and often includes work at the individual school level.

FLS can also provide:

  • Ongoing leadership training for your principals and district leaders
  • Ongoing coaching with school leadership teams that improves student achievement for ALL students in the schools
  • Auditing services that assess and define the current state of practice at the school and district level
  • Assistance in goal setting and effective monitoring of your programs
  • Help for your leadership teams to become truly effective in understanding change

Stages of our Work

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