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Who We Are

Diana Moon, Ph.D.

Dr. Diana Moon is currently a consultant with Focused Leadership Solutions (FLS) where she provides consultation and facilitation to schools, districts, school boards, state associations, universities, and state departments of education in leadership for improved performance.

Diana served as an elementary principal for 14 years in Montana and Washington State and, prior to that, was an elementary teacher for ten years. During that time she was recognized for her impact on student learning and school climate through a nomination as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America. She worked in staff development and was known for her belief in the power of gifted teachers for ALL students.

As Assistant Superintendent for Instruction in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Diana had the opportunity to provide leadership in the creation of a new school district with the motto, “Students Are the Center of Our Work.” This involved building elementary schools, middle schools, a $35 M high school, hiring staff, and challenging educators and citizens to think beyond the brick and mortar. She led the district, the city council, and the NM State School Boards Association in strategic planning efforts that resulted in the creation of the model plan for the state of New Mexico.

Diana served as Director of Strategic Initiatives for Apple Computer, leading and supporting colleges of education and teachers in the integration of technology into content-rich instruction. She was presented with the “Apple Impact” award in 1999. 

As Vice President for Education at the Indiana Humanities Council, Diana led the development of the Smart Desktop, a web-based tool for teachers. With grants from the Eli Lilly Foundation and federal appropriations, this tool currently supports teachers throughout Indiana.

Most recently, Diana served as a principal consultant for Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) where she worked with school leaders across the nation as they implemented Balanced Leadership responsibilities and practices into their daily work. In addition, she was involved in McREL’s school improvement work.

Diana currently serves of the board for Cedar Hill Preparatory Academy in Somerset, NJ, where she also works with the staff to implement high-leverage strategies that have been shown to increase student achievement.

Diana’s areas of expertise are school leadership, principal and district leadership, teacher leadership, coaching, and facilitating school and district retreats focused on increasing student achievement. 

In Diana's words:

“In working with schools and districts across the country, I have been blessed to work with powerful people trying to do the right thing for kids.  What we know now is that sometimes they are not working on the right stuff.   

"The greatest impact that I have seen is when the entire district is engaged in a change, from the district office and board to the principals and teachers. That said, the power comes when the superintendent and district administrators come together for professional development, set the bar high, and walk the talk between sessions.  

"As a result of experiences working with district leadership teams and school leadership teams, I have deepened my commitment to systemic change as described by John Kotter who writes that, ‘Changing people’s behavior is the central challenge in organizations.’  It’s when the people begin to have shared vision, common vocabulary, and a belief in what they can do together, that they can move mountains, and thus improve student achievement.”

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